My husband and I are born and raised in Hustisford. We grew up a block away from each other, went to school together from kindergarten through high school. We both attended a state college and have since become working adults with a family of two children. I work in Hustisford and my husband works out of town. We reside in the village of Hustisford. You could say we are a product of the Hustisford School District.

Throughout our lives we have always heard about the citizens of Hustisford that fought to keep a school, who were so proud to have a school in our small town. Anytime any sort of school funding questions came up, we would hear chatter in work settings, church groups, family gatherings, “this town would never let our school go – we fought so hard to keep it here”. Those type of comments left a lasting impression on us. It showed such pride for our school and community and frankly instilled that pride and hope in us.

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