All lives matter

Dear Editor:

I've been watching how easily ignorant and ill informed people can be manipulated.

The problem with gun violence, like any other kind of violence, does not rest with the tool that is used. It rests on the shoulders of the media, educators, the parents and mostly the perpetrator. Until we all recognize actual science, when it dictates that life begins at conception we are all at risk of the constant barrage of lies and misinformation. When you demean and dismiss the most precious and most innocent lives? No other life retains any value either.

You want to stop all violence against people? Start teaching that all lives matter and thus, all are important. 

The hatred and lies, spewed by the media, politicians and criminals, does not move society forward. It only adds power to their insane agenda, helping to divide and conquer entire nations. Now you must decide, whether you are pro-life or pro-death. If you choose pro-death do not be a hypocrite as you whine and complain about mass murders. 

Since Roe made abortion legal and safe and rare 60 million babies have died, with hundreds of pregnant mothers also dying due to abortion. Meanwhile these people wish to take away a clearly written right, endowed by our creator, while they defend something, that is not actually written in the Constitution.

Allen Zabel


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