Born response

Dear Editor:

Mark Born, Republican representative, District 39, recently wiped tears from his eyes while writing an article entitled how “Governor Evers rejects Wisconsin priorities.”

His article in the Watertown Daily Times cried loudly, about how “Last week, Gov. Tony Evers ignored the priorities of the constituents of the 39th Assembly District.”

He sobbed that the “Republicans in the State Legislature sent the governor a package of 11 bills which directed billions in federal funding to priorities we know are important to the residents of the Wisconsin. Instead of working with the legislature, [Governor Evers] vetoed every single bill ....”

Wiping his eyes with the last sentence of his article, Born choked on the epitome of his hypocrisy, “Unfortunately, I don’t think working together is a priority for this governor.”

After Scott Walker lost his bid for re-election, his colleagues in the State Legislature pushed through a series of measures in a special session just before the incoming Tony Evers was to take office. The laws were sweeping, and they cut deeply into the powers Democrats thought they won when they prevailed on Election Day. The Republicans limited the new governor’s ability to withdraw the state from lawsuits and his administration’s rule-making authority, and they cleared the way for lawmakers to hire outside lawyers to intervene in certain lawsuits. (The New York Times)

Ronald W. Ziwisky


Thank you teachers for all you do

Dear Editor:

The first full week of May is Teacher Appreciation Week, and I wanted to reach out to encourage community members to use this week as an opportunity to thank a teacher who has made a difference in your life or in the life of your child or children. This week represents a special time to recognize the work of the individuals who have chosen to educate our children. This Teacher Appreciation Week, maybe more than any one before, I cannot seem to find the words to express my profound gratitude for our teachers in the Watertown Unified School District.

Thank you, teachers, for going above and beyond to serve our students and our families during these unprecedented times. You have taken on this challenge without once faltering. You have found new ways to reach our students. You have recorded videos, you have live-streamed your classrooms, you have sent letters, you have held video meetings to connect children needing connection, you have spent countless hours learning and applying new technology to better serve our students. You have done all this not because you were required to do so. You have done it out of a sincere caring for our students, our families, and our community.

The efforts of a teacher, as so many of us know, can change the life of a child. I am grateful to the teachers I have had in my life, I am grateful to my children’s teachers here in the Watertown Unified School District, and I am grateful every day to be surrounded by hundreds of great teachers here in Watertown striving to make a difference for our children and our community.

English teacher, Maribeth Sublette, observed, “students don’t deserve mediocre teachers…students deserve great teachers.” I am so proud of the teachers who serve in the WUSD – we don’t have mediocre teachers in Watertown – we have great teachers in Watertown. Teachers who inspire hope and perseverance and discovery. I am impressed by what I see in classrooms every single day in the WUSD. So please join me and thank a teacher this week! A little thanks goes a very long way! It’s the #WatertownWay!

Cassandra Schug, PhD

Superintendent of Schools

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