Dear Editor:

The election for our representative to the 37th Assembly district is Tuesday July 13. Will Penterman has emerged as the choice to represent the conservatively minded voter of the 37th district.

Will demonstrated a flawless plan in his drive to represent the 37th in Madison. He was out spent by several of the other candidates, but Will knocked on more doors personally engaging the public more than any of the candidates running in the primary presenting his uncomplicated message of faith, family, and freedom.

Will is a free speech advocate, pro life conception to natural death, pro family, pro law enforcement, pro 2nd amendment, 4th amendment 10th amendment and seeks to insure voting integrity in Wisconsin.

This all reflects Will’s up bringing on a family dairy farm in Wisconsin being raised with a sound work ethic and home town values. He also served our country in the US Army as an MP and to this day is a reservist in the Army. Couple this to his desire to serve the state he calls home I believe Will is the best choice as our representative. Vote for Will Penterman Tuesday July 13.

Steve Kauffeld


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