Utility public notice reveals increase

Dear Editor:

In the Aug. 13, 2021 edition on page B4 I saw a page long public legal notice. (Create Chapter 482). I haven’t heard of any cliff notes version for “creation of a transportation utility” sponsored by Bob Wetzel, adopted 8/3/21 and approved by Mayor Emily McFarland.

I read through the whole thing and what I get from it is a mandatory fee that will be added to every property (“developed parcel”) that gets a water bill. The “fees based on trips generated by property uses is the most appropriate method to provide the necessary funds.” “(a) The Transportation User Fee shall be comprised of a base fee and a usage fee”). “(b) The base fee and per-trip rate shall be in an amount set forth from time to time...”).

Something about an ITE manual constitutes much of the parameters on this ordinance. No actual dollar amounts are included in this periodical. If there is a change in the property, you have to contact “the director of public works/city engineer within 30 days to obtain new determination regarding the Transportation User Fee for that property.”

If it’s a lower charge , too bad, you don’t get a refund, but if it’s a higher fee “the city will calculate the amount owed back to the time the change was made and apply that to the next city services billing.”

The purpose and intent of this ordinance is maintenance, construction, and reconstruction of streets and other “infrastructure.” Don’t we already pay city and state taxes that get budgeted for street repairs and replacement when necessary?

I don’t think a lot of people dissect their water bill. Before you ever pay for one drop of water you are paying a little over $35 for the storm water, fire and garbage fees. Our water usage averages five units of water, which is 748 gallons per unit, a month which is around $70. We are looking at $100 a month for the city utility bill every month.

With the price of practically everything increasing in price, be ready for this!

Deb Schwantes


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