HARTFORD — Watertown’s gymnastics team ended its season at the Hartford sectional with a ninth place score of 127.250.

The Goslings opened the morning session of this two-flight sectional on the balance beam and scored 31.100.

Senior Lauren Marks led Watertown with an 8.2. Junior Meghan Hurtgen (7.7), senior Karleigh Jacobs (7.650), junior Lauryn Olson (7.550) and sophomore Aveline Jacob (6.550) also competed for the Goslings.

“Lauren started us off with a beautiful no fall routine,” Watertown gymnastics coach Jenna Wendt said. “She hit all her jumps connections and went out her senior year with a bang, getting her personal best and season high score. Jacob, Jacobs, Olson, and Hurtgen did nice job fighting to stay on the beam. It was just not our beam day as a team.”

Next, Watertown competed on the floor exercise and posted a 33.400 score.

Hurtgen (8.925), Olson (8.725), Jacob (7.950), freshman Paige Petig (7.800) and Jacobs (7.525) competed for the Goslings.

“(Assistant Tricia Seibel) and I both thought the girls all did really well,” Wendt said. “Karleigh Jacobs, Lauryn Olson, and Meghan Hurtgen all had one of their best routines of the season this year. Olson’s jumps were gigantic. Hurtgen stuck two out of the three tumble passes.

“Aveline Jacob competed with four stitches in her foot. Petig and Karleigh Jacobs got full credit on their jumps again today. The judging was just extremely tight, as it is sectionals. But as long as the judges are consistent, that’s all we ask.”

On vault, the Goslings scored 32.950.

Hurtgen (8.6), Olson (8.3), sophomore Mikaylah Fessler (8.1), senior Rachael Sprenger (7.950) and senior Ashley Campbell (7.850) competed for Watertown.

“Sprenger did a half half and then for her second vault made her half on full off,” Wendt said. “We are so happy she was able to end her season with her full. Ashley Campbell stepped in for Aveline Jacob due to her foot injury and Ashley had a super clear handspring. Fessler did a nice half half today and got a lot of height off the table.

“Olson had one of her nicest half on, fulls off and tied her second highest season score with an 8.3. Hurtgen has been battling with her yurchenko vault, so it was so nice for her to flip a good one, landing on her feet with her shoulders up with a season high score of 8.6.”

Watertown finished the day on the uneven bars with a 29.800 score.

Hurtgen (7.825), Marks (7.425), Campbell (7.350), Petig (7.2) and Fester (6.650) competed for the Goslings.

“The scoring was very difficult,” Wendt said. “Petig had her best routine of the season and got her personal best score of 7.2. Campbell and Fessler also had nice routines, but the judges were just being very picky about form. We also had another great routine from Marks as a senior.”

One year after winning the all-around title at the Madison area sectional, Hurtgen finished 25th in all-around scoring with a 33.050. This is the much tougher sectional Watertown normally competes in against Milwaukee area schools loaded with elite club talent.

Making things even more daunting — there were fewer sectionals and fewer state qualifiers due to COVID-19 considerations. Still, the Goslings got to have a season.

“Tricia and I are super proud of all the girls this year,” Wendt said. “They have all learned at least one new thing and should be proud of what they accomplished. We had some personal season high scores today, which is always exciting when it happens on the last meet of the season.”

Team scores: Wilmot Union Co-op 145.750, Badger/Burlington 143.425, Hartford 141.225, Kenosha Tremper Co-op 139.800, Homestead 139.450, Oconomowoc 136.675, West Bend West 130.900, Brookfield East/Central 129.375, Watertown 127.250

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