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Watertown Daily Times in Wisconsin welcomes letters to the editor for its Voice of the People column.LENGTH: Letters must be 400 words or less, but there are exceptions. Because Voice of the People is intended mainly as a forum for ideas, “thank you” letters are limited to 100 words, and recognizing no more than a half dozen by name. Election letters are limited to 200 words (and must be submitted at least one week in advance of the election).SIGNATURE: Letters should be typed or emailed and include the name, phone number and address of the author. Unsigned or anonymous letters are not permitted. For organizations, the name of one person is required to be published. BOUNDARIES: Personal complaints about or disputes with a business, individual or private organization are not appropriate for letters to the editor. Neither are letters promoting a business or for-profit cause. FREQUENCY: Only one letter per month is allowed per author, unless it is a rebuttal letter. Letters rebutting a previous letter are limited to the point in question.DISCRETION: The editor reserves the right to edit or decline any letter for space, spelling, grammar, legal or other reasons.

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