One of the greatest parts about my job as your state representative is listening to your opinions and understanding the issues that are most important to you and your family. Hearing from our community and keeping a pulse on what’s a priority to our residents helps me arrive at the best decisions in Madison. Time and time again, I hear from constituents who reach out to my office, or who I cross paths with in the community, that investing in our kid’s education is one of their top priorities. That’s why every state budget I’ve voted for has provided a significant increase in K-12 education. We’ve prioritized funding for our kid’s mental health and made sure schools had the resources they need to provide a quality education to those with special needs. If it’s a top priority for my constituents, it’s a top priority for me. That’s a promise I will always keep.

This year more than ever, parents and teachers told me they wanted to see more resources provided to improve mental health outcomes for our kids in schools. We’ve seen alarming statistics about the impacts of isolation and online learning as we’ve moved through the pandemic. It’s simple- what’s best for kids is being in the classroom. Just like adults, they need human interaction too- and a lot of the experiences kids have at school cannot be easily replicated online. It makes sense that as children were forced to stay home because of government mandated shutdowns and schools closed to in-person learning, we’re seeing more of a demand for these types of services. It’s because of those concerns expressed by my constituents, why I fought to double our previous investment in mental health programs at our schools. It’s important we provide schools with the tools and resources they need to help kids who are struggling with these issues.

Another priority I hear about from my constituents is continuing to build upon our previous investments in special education. Every child deserves access to a quality education and the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. That’s why in this state budget, we funded special education at the highest levels ever- the second budget in a row with such a significant increase. These services provide students with specialized instruction to help meet their unique needs, and I was proud to support such a significant increase in the most recent state budget.

It is no secret the last 18 months have been trying for educators, staff and students around the state. As students return back to school this fall, I would like to thank our dedicated teachers and staff for their continued passion and enthusiasm in educating our future generations.

Doing what’s best for our children is what’s best for Wisconsin. That will always be my top priority.

State Rep. Mark Born, R-Beaver Dam, represents the 39th Assembly District which covers parts of Dodge and Washington counties including the communities of Beaver Dam, Hartford, Juneau, Mayville and surrounding areas.

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