JUNEAU — As COVID-19 hospitalizations continue to increase across the Midwest amid shortages of health care workers, the situation in some places is becoming severe.

And Wisconsin is no exception.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers called for unity and cooperation in the fight against COVID-19 when he signed Executive Order 94 this week. The order calls Wisconsin residents to action as local reports of new COVID-19 cases grow increasing hospitalizations and creating a critically low number of ICU beds in the hospitals on a daily basis.

“With the ever-increasing burden on our healthcare system, including a critical shortage of available ICU beds in hospitals of south central Wisconsin, we appreciate the significance of cooperative action in Governor Evers’ message,” said Abby Sauer, Dodge County public health officer. “Staying home as much as possible, wearing a face covering when outside your home, and limiting your gatherings to only those in your household are the safest and only options as treatments and vaccinations are developed and deployed.

“We can take steps to slow down the current surge and save the lives of our family members, friends, coworkers and neighbors,” Sauer said. “Just as we take steps to save lives on our highways when we learn of dangerous actions like driving while intoxicated, texting and driving or using excessive speed, we need to collectively take action by adhering to the actions called for in Governor’s Evers’ Order 94.”

To read Executive Order 94, visit the Dodge County website: http://www.co.dodge.wi.gov/home and click on the COVID-19 updates by clicking on the coronavirus updates from the public health tab.

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