Eight departments were called to a fire that damaged four buildings on a farm east of Waterloo on Sunday afternoon, and left two firefighters with minor injuries.

Waterloo Fire Chief Wes Benisch said that sheds and a barn on the property at N8600 Menz Lane, off Blue Joint Road, were destroyed by the blaze after his department was alerted by a call from the homeowner at 2:14 p.m.

While the main buildings engulfed by the fire had already collapsed when firefighters arrived, it took roughly two hours to get the fire under control. Due to windy conditions, the fire was able to move from building to building quickly, he said.

The amount of structures on fire and the grass fire near the buildings made it difficult for the crew to extinguish the fire, but they got to it as quickly as possible and saved what they could, he said.

Benisch said another building and a crop field were saved from total ruin, thanks to the efforts of firefighters at the scene. The house, a couple sheds and garages remain standing and were left untouched by the fire.

Other departments called into assist include Watertown, Reeseville, Marshall, Lake Mills, Deerfield, Cambridge and Cottage Grove. Although there were no serious injuries at the scene, one firefighter was overheated, and another inhaled a decent amount of smoke, he said.

Chief Benisch said it would be a while before they have an idea of what caused the fire; the cause is still under investigation. The name of the property owner was not released.

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