Leading the group in new staff appointments at the Watertown Unified School District as approved Monday by the school board are Mark Getz, Lincoln STEM and Lebanon Elementary Schools principal; and Sherri MacGregor, business services director.

The others include Amanda Domokos, teacher, Riverside Middle School; Jennifer Fossum, Watertown High School; Janessa Getlin, Lebanon Elementary School; Amanda Hoopes, second grade teacher, Douglas Elementary School; Bethany Kelly, early childhood special education teacher; district wide; Amy Kowalski, kindergarten teacher, Webster Elementary School; Gwendolyn Schroeder, fourth and fifth grade teacher, Lincoln STEM School; Sharon Shrank, music teacher; Riverside Middle School; and Bryce Steckbauer, school counselor, elementary schools. Also approved as new employees Daijah Bolden, Hailey Finkler, Colin, Schultz and Adam Zubke, summer lawn maintenance, district wide; Rachel Krueger, special education paraprofessional, Riverside Middle School; Kelly Kwapil, administrative assistant, Douglas Elementary School, and Joseph Linskens, summer cleaner, district wide.

The new staff appointments were approved at a recent Watertown Unified School Board meeting.

Those staff members who retired were Jenifer Hedrick, occupational therapist, Webster Elementary School; Leah Scheid, media center, Douglas Elementary School; and Jessica Trexler, Douglas Elementary School; Kimberly Arellano, special education paraprofessional, Watertown High School; Alejandra Munoz, special education paraprofessional, Schurz Elementary School, and Katrina Schwartz, special education paraprofessional, Douglas Elementary School.

Also, the board accepted the retirement of David Hechimovich, building and grounds supervisor, district wide.

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