You think you know Watertown, huh? Let’s test your knowledge of the city’s operations in 2020.

How many combined calls did the city’s police and fire departments respond to in 2020?

A. 4,501

B. 10,515

C. 27,120

D. 19,172

The answer is D — 19,172.

Let’s try another.

How many total ballots were cast in the city during the four elections last year?

A. 12,756

B. 10,004

C. 23,725

D. 26,884

The answer is C — 23,725.

Watertown Mayor Emily McFarland presented much of this information in her annual report to council members.

Still feel smart? Let’s give it another go.

Were there 29 snow and ice control operations last winter? Or more? If you picked 29 you’re right.

Let’s keep going.

What once stood where Sharp Corners is now?

A. Elvis Presley bronze statue

B. Marathon gas station

C. Tiki bar

D. Watertown Daily Times

The answer is Sharp Corners sits on the old Marathon gas station site.

Not feeling lucky? Let’s try some true or false questions.

Did the city issue 31 building permits for new single homes? True or False?

If you answered true — Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Did the city issue 15,700 absentee ballots? True or false?


Feeling good about yourself? Let’s go back to multiple choice.

How many tons were collected at the city’s curbsides?

A. 8,420

B. 9,398

C. 9,298

D. 10,560

The answer is C — 9,298.

Let’s stick with multiple choice.

How many trees were removed last year because of the dreaded emerald ash borer?

A. 137

B. 451

C. 7

D. 692

The answer is 137 trees were removed.

How many licenses (pet, alcohol, transient merchant, tobacco and secondhand dealer) were issued?

A. 4,400

B. 10,990

C. 1,776

D. 1,492

Ready? The answer is A — 4,400.

Last one, smartypants.

Approximately how many library materials were checked out in 2020?

A. 1,980

B. 228,000

C. 17,175

D. 623,498

The answer is 228,000 library materials were check by patrons last year.

If your score is 10 out of 10 correct, you’re a true Watertown native, but you win nothing other than a boost in self-confidence and knowledge of the city. If you didn’t answer a single question correctly, at least you tried it.

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