CONCORD — The Concord Town Board acted recently on zoning and conditional use requests at its monthly meeting.

Terry Jacobosky, N6232 County Highway F, requested a conditional use permit for extensive on-site personal and rental storage at the corner of County Road F and Concord Center Drive. Donald Popp, N6189 County Road F, to expand A-2 zoning and amend a conditional use permit to allow for a third building for non-farm storage. Both requests were approved.

Donald Popp’s request to rezone 1.3 acres to A-2 conditional use permit for a dog kennel and training facility was denied, with neighbors in opposition to the request.

The treasurer’s report, along with payment of monthly bills, were approved.

The highway foreman’s report was presented. The highway employees have been busy with brushing, roadside mowing, crack filling and general maintenance.

Clerk Brian Neumann, presented the budget report. A budget hearing meeting will be held November 30th at 6 PM at the Community Center.

Brad Bowen, head EMS and fire chief of Western Lakes, presented his monthly report of call volume.

Brandon Mueller, agent for Rural Mutual Insurance Company, addressed the board with a presentation of the present insurance coverage on the buildings, equipment, vehicles and liability owned by the town.

The board continues to hear complaints from town residents of unkempt town properties, unlicensed vehicles, and vehicles parked in the road right of ways. The board continues to monitor the situation per Town Residence Ordinance 9.09.

The board approved the nomination list of election poll workers for the 2020-2021 term: Allie Simon, Linda Buxa, Noelle Else, Cindy Bourassa, Leslie Mindemann, Susie Schmidt, Scott Papke, Carol Hoffmeister, Ethan Neumann, Benjamin Neumann, Sarah Williams, Tom Williams, Jenny Turke, Kim Miller, Jane Ingersoll, Milene Wegner, and Shery Thoele.

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