Bruce Janssen

LAKE MILLS — A pretrial conference has been set for Jan. 20 for a 38-year-old Lake Mills man who is facing a number of charges in Jefferson County Circuit Court, including a potential seventh offense of operating while intoxicated following a Christmas Eve arrest in what authorities said was a violent domestic incident.

According to a criminal complaint on file at the Jefferson County Clerk of Courts Office, Bruce J. Janssen is charged with one count each of attempting to flee an officer, operating while intoxicated as a seventh offense, resisting an officer, making a threat to a law enforcement officer, criminal damage to property, driving with a revoked license and three counts of misdemeanor domestic battery. The charges stem from incidents Dec. 24 in the City of Lake Mills.

The criminal complaint stated that, on Christmas Eve Janssen was arrested at this home after a high speed chase on Lake Mills city streets that reached 65 mph. When his vehicle finally came to a stop at his home, Janssen got out and approached police officers who ordered him to the ground. It took two deployments of a taser to subdue him enough for him to be handcuffed.

“(Police) observed that the defendant had a distinct odor of intoxicants coming from his person, and that the defendant’s eyes were bloodshot and glassy,” the criminal complaint stated. “There were track marks on the defendant’s right and left arms.”

Police discovered four Fireball liquor bottles recovered in Janssen’s Ford F-150, along with a plastic tourniquet, a needle cap and a glass vial of epinephrine.

“The defendant refused to perform standard field sobriety tests and stated that he wanted his lawyer,” the complaint stated. “The defendant was transported to the Lake Mills Police Department, where he was given another chance to perform standard field sobriety tests but refused.”

A search warrant was acquired that allowed authorities to draw a blood sample from Janssen who had to be restrained. Results of that test are pending.

“On the way to Fort Atkinson Memorial Hospital, where blood was drawn, the defendant continuously banged his head against the plexiglass divider that separates the backseat from the trunk, as well as the squad window,” the complaint stated.

Officers later saw that plexiglas that separated the backseat from the trunk of the squad was cracked.

“The defendant kept saying he was going to ‘freak out,’” the complaint stated, adding officers saw Janssen try to kick out a squad window. “As they approached the hospital, the defendant began screaming as loud as he could and then stated that this was not going to end well, and he was about to ‘freak the (expletive) out.’ Due to his behavior, the defendant was placed in a restraint chair at the hospital.

The domestic battery charges stem from Janssen allegedly smashing a woman’s head against a wall, among other acts, earlier in the day Dec. 24.

Janssen is currently free on a $500 cash bond with the provisions he not to make any acts or threats of violence; have no contact with the victims; have no presence at the residence of the victim; consume no alcohol; have no possession or ingestion of controlled substances without a valid prescription; have no possession of drug paraphernalia, to include needles and syringes; have no possession of firearms and not operate a motor vehicle without a valid driver’s license. Janssen is to report and comply with the SCRAM alcohol monitoring program as administered by Wisconsin Community Services.

In addition to the pretrial conference Jan. 20 at 2 p.m., a status conference is scheduled for Feb. 23.

If he is convicted on all counts, Janssen could face to 26 years and nine months in prison and $97,500 in fines.

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