Getting ready for its 160th anniversary celebration Oct. 24, Watertown’s St. Paul’s Episcopal Church members Monday opened the cornerstone on its church building, 413 S. Second St. The cornerstone was laid on Sept. 23, 1859.

The cornerstone was protecting a treasure trove of items in a time capsule placed there by the church founders. Among the items found were local daily newspapers from the time period in both English and German, a Holy Bible, an Episcopal prayer book from 1859, a copy of the church’s constitution and other local pamphlets and church organizational documents.

The congregation plans to archive and preserve the items and create a new time capsule to be placed under the cornerstone for future generations to discover.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is on the National Register of Historic Places.

For more information about the upcoming celebration and the church’s 160th anniversary celebration of its consecration, visit the church’s website at or call 920-261-1150.

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