JUNEAU — There are said to be two seasons in Wisconsin. They are winter and construction.

Work crews are busy at several project sites in sections near Watertown, Lebanon, Mayville and Waupun.

Dodge County Highway Commissioner Brian Field said one of the larger projects his department is currently undertaking is in “phase one.” He said the $3 million project includes the reconstruction of County Highway M from County Highway E to County Highway JM encompassing nearly 2.2 miles from Watertown to Clyman.

The project began May 17 and its expected completion date is scheduled for Oct. 31.

Field said it’s a total reconstruction of the roadway.

“We will be widening the right of ways on each side, relocating the utility poles and underground facilities and making the intersections safer by taking the hills down to provide motorists with better lines of sight,” Field said.

He said since the roadway will be wider it will also allow for wider shoulders, which will also be paved, so agriculture equipment can travel on it safely. Field said there will be an installation of a new stream crossing or a precast concrete box culvert, which will act as a bridge at Silver Creek.

He said the project will eventually terminate at County Highways M and J in 2023.

Field said what really helped his department tackle additional miles this year than in previous years was the borrowing of $9 million.

“We have 540 miles of county highway in Dodge County,” he said. “There is a 25-year life cycle for asphalt pavement, which dictates we should work on 22 miles a year, but it’s very seldom we get to do just that. We will get to do a little more than 31 miles this year, which is great for us. This is far more than we ever done. It really is a great opportunity for us. Those roads are in very, very poor condition and have a significant amount of traffic on them.”

Other projects in Dodge County, which are strictly earmarked for reconditioning and repaving work, include:

• County Highway AC from Randolph to County Highway C, which is approximately 2 miles and estimated at $443,820.80.

• County Highway BB from State Highway 19 to State Highway 16 and State Highway 60 near Hubbleton and Reeseville. The project is just over 9 miles and is estimated at $2.3 million.

• County Highway CP from County Highway G and Derge Park on the westside of Beaver Dam Lake, which is 2.3 miles and is estimated at $384,969.15

• County Highway EM from County Highway ME to County Highway R between Watertown and Lebanon, which is nearly 6 miles and is estimated at $1.7 million.

• County Highway I from State Highway 26 to State Highway 49 in Waupun, which is 4 miles and is estimated at $1.3 million.

• County Highway S from County Highway WS to Iron Ridge, which .6 miles and is estimated at $221,879.84.

• County Highway S from County Highway WS to County Highway P, which is just over 3 miles and is estimated at $993,057.43.

• County Highway TW from State Highway 28 in Mayville to Kekoskee, which is about 3 miles and is estimated at $853,068.70.

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