And the beat goes on…Just ask Gerri Bauer.

Not much has changed, Bauer said, since they brought their concerns to the Watertown Common Council last month.

Bauer, who resides at The Globe, said she can hear music coming from the The Bar on a weekly basis.

Bauer said she and other residents at The Globe were to meet Jorge Monterrey, who with Misti Hawn also own Kiss My Axe inside The Market, 210 S. Water St.

Monterrey helped to organize and hold BorderWars, an amateur boxing event outside of The Bar June 12. The event had Globe residents speaking out against the noise at the common council meeting June 15.

Then, Monterrey met with the citizens who spoke out against The Bar and its noise. He said he handed out his number to each of them so they could come up with a time to meet and discuss the issue.

It’s been hard to find common ground since then.

Bauer wrote in a July 16 email to the Daily Times she was planning a meeting at the Watertown Senior Center Monday night to allow her neighbors to voice their concerns to Monterrey because the sound continues to be “excessive both inside and outside of The Bar.”

Bauer also wrote in the same email that the two parties decided to meet at the senior center, and also decided to split the cost for the rental. She said Monterrey didn’t pay his portion, which would’ve been $30.

Monterrey said he didn’t pay his portion because the date didn’t work for him and he didn’t agree to it. He also asked why he should pay for a place to meet when he owns space to hold gatherings.

“We have asked The Bar Lounge to please just ‘turn it down’ and after several weeks it seems the answer is ‘no,’” Bauer said.

She said Monday’s meeting was canceled. She is not scheduling anything in the future.

Monterrey said, that although he has not met with The Globe residents, he wants the meeting to be a productive one and not one where both parties are pointing fingers at one another.

“I don’t want to feel like I am getting ambushed,” he said. “I would prefer a nice and calm and productive meeting between adults.”

As of Monday, Monterrey did not have a meeting scheduled for the two groups to meet.

Watertown Mayor Emily McFarland said the zoning administrator has been working on this issue, but there is a procedure that lays out a period of time for the property owner to come into compliance.

“That period of time has not yet expired,” McFarland said.

She also said the police department has been called out on this matter, too.

Watertown Police Chief Robert Kaminski said his department or the zoning administrator’s department have responded to approximately 22 noise complaints involving The Bar since August 2020.

“The police department has issued one citation to date, and is working closely with the zoning administrator to come up with a solution to this issue,” Kaminski said.

As of press time Monday, the zoning administrator had not contacted the Watertown Daily Times.

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