MADISON — The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction awarded $65,430 in grants to student groups from across the state, including Watertown, Dodgeland and Waterloo districts, for their leadership roles in addressing alcohol, drugs, and vaping challenges in their local schools.

The 78 student-led groups were each awarded funds totaling up to $1,000 through the DPI’s Student Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Mini-grant Program. In its 31st year, the program supports education, prevention, and intervention initiatives designed by students to target substances and other youth risk behaviors such as bullying prevention, healthy choices, and equity.

In Watertown, Douglas Elementary’s Kindness Team received $1,000; Dodgeland Elementary Junior Coaches also received $1,000; and Waterloo School District’s Gender Sexuality Alliance received $900.

This year, the DPI’s Student AODA Mini-grant Program encouraged applicants to specifically address tobacco and vaping in their efforts in developing initiatives. Student groups applied for the mini-grants, and are responsible for implementing the proposed programs.

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