JUNEAU — Eric Henson, 34, Beaver Dam, was sentenced Monday by Dodge County Circuit Court Judge Martin J. De Vries to two years of initial confinement and three years of extended supervision for Battery or Threat to an Officer.

Beaver Dam Police Officers conducted a welfare check Jan. 12 with Henson and concluded that he was not dangerous. A short time later however, Henson sent threatening messages and Officers arrived at his residence to arrest him for a domestic dispute.

Henson immediately became combative and punched one of the officers in the mouth area. While being secured, Henson head butted the same officer causing additional injury. Henson repeatedly yelled and screamed while the officers secured him in handcuffs, yelling at the officers, “You’re dead!”

District Attorney Kurt F. Klomberg said at sentencing, “I am seeing this kind of assaultive and threatening conduct toward officers at a very high rate in our community,” Dodge County District Attorney Kurt Klomberg said. “The court needs to act to make clear that there will be very stern consequences for threatening and harming our police.”

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