John Jagler

John Jagler

Watertown’s John Jagler called Tuesday, “an incredibly proud night” for him as he won election to the 13th Senate District, but said his real work would begin first thing Wednesday morning.

“I want to say, ‘thank you’ to the people of the 13th Senate District for the incredible honor of serving as their voice in the Senate,” Jagler said. “I promise to fight every day to earn the trust they’ve placed in me.”

Jagler defeated three other candidates Tuesday — independents Spencer Zimmerman and Ben Schmitz, as well as Democrat Melissa Winker.

When the night concluded, it was Jagler with 19,125 votes, or 51.2% of the vote; Winker with 16,364, or 43.8%; Zimmerman with 1,702, or 4.6% and Schmitz with 194 votes, or 0.5%.

Jagler assumes the seat that was vacated by Scott Fitzgerald, who was elected to the United States House of Representatives to represent Wisconsin’s 5th Congressional District in 2020. Fitzgerald resigned as representative of the 13th State Senate District on Jan. 1.

The 13th Senate District encompasses large portions of Dodge and Jefferson counties, including Watertown, Columbus, Beaver Dam, Oconomowoc and Lake Mills. It extends as far west as the Deforest area.

Jagler, 51, of 601 Clyman St., Watertown, has been serving as representative of the 37th Assembly District.

Gov. Tony Evers will determine an election timeline for filling the vacancy created by Jagler’s departure.

The 37th Assembly District is located in south-central Wisconsin and comprises southwestern Dodge County, parts of northern Jefferson County and eastern Columbia County. It contains the cities of Columbus, Waterloo, and Watertown, as well as the villages of DeForest, Lowell, and Reeseville. The district has been represented by Jagler since January 2013.

Jagler thanked Fitzgerald for his backing.

“I owe him a debt of gratitude for his support on day one, as well as his advice and support over the course of this campaign,” Jagler said. “Most of all, I want to thank my family — my wife Heidi and our kids — for their patience and their love and support as I spent the last few months doing three full-time jobs at once. These were serving in the Assembly, running for Senate and keeping up with our family business.”

He said the campaign gave him the experience of meeting many new voters in the 13th Senate District.

“These people come from families, small businesses and they are people from all walks of life, who are struggling to survive these challenges we’re facing,” he said. “I told them that I would fight for them in Madison, that I would work for them and that I would do everything I could to make things better for them.”

Jagler called his new job the opportunity of a lifetime.

“I can’t wait to get started,” he said.

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