Longtime chairman to step down

Lohny Fredrick

LEBANON — Long-time Lebanon Town Chairman Lohny Fredrick is stepping down.

He will not run for reelection in April. Fredrick filed a notification of non candidacy.

When Fredrick leaves office in April 2021, he will have served the Town of Lebanon for 20 years as town chairman. Only one other person in the history of Lebanon has served longer as town chairman and that was John Lettow, who served for 26 years from 1917 to 1943.

When asked why he is stepping down, Fredrick didn’t have a specific reason.

“I just felt 20 years was long enough and I wasn’t sure when I would ever step down if I just kept saying just one more term. Who knows, I may miss it enough to throw my hat back in the ring in the future,” he said. “I like being involved and solving problems and I can only hope that more people feel that way and will become involved or volunteer to help their community.”

Fredrick, who was first elected town chairman in April 2001, said the people he worked with made the position much easier to perform.

“All of the people that serve on our town board, the police, fire and EMS personnel are very caring individuals,” he said. “The Town of Lebanon is very lucky to have so many dedicated volunteers and trustworthy employees. I will miss working with them and can’t say enough good things about their work ethic and how they perform their duties.”

Debbie Behl, who has been the town clerk for much of Fredrick’s tenure, said he will be missed.

“During his tenure, he has provided the Town of Lebanon with strong and steady leadership,” Behl said.

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