County board member dies

MaryAnn Miller

JUNEAU — Dodge County Supervisor MaryAnn Miller of Beaver Dam, who served since 2006, died this past weekend.

Miller died Saturday morning, but no further information was made available.

Dodge County Clerk Karen Gibson said Miller was her friend.

“MaryAnn also called to talk with me quite often, not as the county clerk, but as her friend and I will miss her,” Gibson said Monday. “Her service on the county board meant a lot to her and she always served her constituents as best as she could.”

Dodge County Board Chairman Russell Kottke said Miller was a “good board member” and “served her constituents well.”

Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt said Miller was a friend not only to him, but to all law enforcement.

“She always had the best interest of the citizens she served in mind, and was very calculated in her decisions,” Schmidt said. “I will personally miss MaryAnn as she was not only a co-worker, but a valued and trusted friend. I am honored and blessed to have been able to be part of her life and I can honestly say that she will not soon be forgotten.”

Schmidt said he has already begun making the arrangements for an angel to be placed in Miller’s memory at the 2021 Rotary Lights Christmas light display to remind everyone she is there looking after them from heaven.

At the time of her death, Miller was serving on serval committees, including audit, commission on aging and disability services, health facilities and library planning. She also spent time on the judicial and public protection committee where she worked with Schmidt.

The county board will meet Jan. 19 and could address her death then.

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