Clyman man arraigned for threatening deputy

Kevin Ivans

JUNEAU — A Clyman man is facing up to six years in prison for threatening police during field sobriety tests. He was arraigned Thursday in Dodge County Circuit Court and entered a not guilty plea to a felony count of threatening a law enforcement officer.

According to a criminal complaint, Kevin Ivans, 37, was pulled over by a Dodge County Sheriff’s deputy who said he could smell alcohol. Ivans reportedly thought he was in Clyman, when he was actually in the Town of Leroy, and said he was heading to Beaver Dam, but was driving in the opposite direction.

Ivans was said to be “animated” and “yelling,” threatening the deputy during a field sobriety test, the complaint states. Law enforcement found 10 cans left in a 30-pack of beer in Ivans’ car. In the car’s center console, the deputy found an beer can that was about half full with alcohol, the complaint states.

In refusing a preliminary breath test, he said he would punch the deputy in the face. While at the hospital for the legal blood draw, Ivans allegedly said when he sees the deputy without his badge he is going to punch the deputy in the nose and knock out his teeth, the complaint said. However, authorities were able to get a blood alcohol sample from Ivans. He allegedly apologized to the deputy after sobering up, the complaint said.

Ivans is expected back in Dodge County Circuit Court July 29 for a telephone scheduling conference.

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