Earlier this month, the Watertown Common Council approved the creation of a Youth Advisory Committee to evaluate and incorporate the creative ideas and opinions of the city’s youth in their community.

The city of Watertown recognizes the value and importance of young people’s input and ideas in achieving balanced growth that appeals to all generations.

“This is an exciting opportunity to have our youth involved in Watertown’s growth, and we look forward to the passion and ideas they will contribute to the community,” said Watertown Mayor Emily McFarland.

The Youth Advisory Committee will be involved in various aspects of government such as serving in community events, providing input on key issues and ideas, assisting in special projects, and sharing the problems and desires of their peers in the community.

The committee will consist of seven members, grades eight through 12, and two adult mentors. Two of the members will serve as the committee’s chair and vice chair. The members will be appointed by the mayor and approved by the common council. Each member will serve a two-year term, whereas mentors will only serve for one year. There are no term limits if the member continues to meet the grade level eligibility.

Eligible members must:

• Be entering 8th grade to 12th grade

• Reside in the Watertown Unified School District (This does not mean that they must attend the public school. Private school students, virtual school students, and homeschool students are eligible.)

To apply to serve and contribute to Watertown on this committee to to https://www.ci.watertown.wi.us/government/city_boards_and_committees/youth_advisor y_committee.php.

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