Lottery luck again finds Ixonia

IXONIA — Lady luck of the lottery has smiled again on Ixonia.

In mid-November of 2019, the Wisconsin Lottery announced that Carl Loppnow, 59, of Lebanon and owner of Loppy’s Bar in Ixonia, was the winner of a $2.8 million payout from eight SuperCash! top prize wins from the June 20 drawing. Loppnow won his prizes after buying two tickets at Breslow’s Family Market, 100 E. Cady St. and two tickets at Kwik Trip, 1184 N. Fourth St., in Watertown.

On Thursday, the Wisconsin Lottery announced that Tammy LaPlante of Ixonia ended 2019 by winning the top prize from a Millionaire scratch ticket.

“Tammy was restless one night, so she decided to get up and scratch the instant tickets she had purchased the night prior,” a media release from the Wisconsin Lottery stated. “As she started scratching the Millionaire ticket, she saw her winning numbers with the amount of $50,000 again, and again, and again. She woke up her partner to confirm what she was seeing and to finish scratching the remainder of the million dollar ticket.”

The lottery reported that LaPlante had just retired from her job and the win comes at a special time.

“The winnings will help offset some of her bills as she waits for her pension to kick in,” the lottery media release said. “Tammy is an occasional lottery player who says she likes to dabble in all lottery games.”

LaPlante purchased her winning ticket at Piggly Wiggly Supermarket, 1300 Brown St., Oconomowoc.

Pat Fox, who operates the Piggly Wiggly where the ticket was purchased, said he does not recall ever selling such a large winning ticket. He said he has owned grocery businesses that have sold lottery tickets since the lottery was instated in Wisconsin in 1989.

Fox owns grocery stores in Oconomowoc, Hartland, Hartford, Slinger, Jackson, Richfield, West Bend, Port Washington and Saukville.

“We were there right away when the lottery started,” Fox said. “We had a big one in Hartland over Christmas eight or 10 years ago, but it was not a million dollar one — it was tens of thousands of dollars.”

He said he was unsure what his Piggly Wiggly store’s payout would be for selling the ticket, but whatever it is, it will be returned to the stores, which are now employee-owned.

“It will go right back into the business,” he said. “Absolutely, I’m excited. I just wish I’d been the buyer. But I’m very pleased and happy for our customer. I’m glad a customer of ours had the opportunity to win that.”

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