Watertown Police Chief Robert Kaminski told common council members Tuesday he plans on promoting one of his three captains to a newly created assistant police chief position; and the council unanimously approved it.

When Alderman Bob Wetzel questioned the reasoning for the change, Kaminski said adding an assistant chief would allow for an increase in efficiency in his department.

“It would give us clear lines of leadership, which I think is important,” Kaminski said.

Wetzel agreed.

“It would help streamline things,” the alderman said.

The chief said he and the city’s police and fire commission would promote one captain to this position and still have two captains in his department.

“Right now, I have captains doing the work that should be done by an assistant police chief,” he said. “I’m splitting the work between the captains.”

Kaminiski said several years ago the police department had an inspector of police, which was followed by a deputy chief, but when former police chief Tim Roets was in office, he didn’t have an assistant police chief, but had three captains. Kaminski said Roets may have eliminated the deputy chief position because of educational requirements, but he said that is not the case today.

“That is no longer the issue as everyone in the police department now has either a two- or four-year degree or a master’s degree.

Kaminski said the change of losing one of his captains to the assistant chief position would not hurt his department.

He said he has sent the assistant police chief’s job description to Carlson Dettmann Consulting to assist in creating the compensation scale for the position.

Carlson Dettmann Consulting is a management consulting firm with primary expertise in compensation strategies, employee relations and related business services.

Kaminski said he has some salary savings from other open positions in his department to help fund the assistant chief position.

The chief did not return a call Wednesday to the Daily Times as to what the pay range is for an assistant police chief.

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