JUNEAU — Dodgeland School Administrator Annette Thompson revealed Monday the design process began in May with Bray Architects and Miron Construction for the building renovation. The two are Milwaukee-based firms.

The Dodgeland community voted April 7 to approve a $17 million referendum. This support allows the school district to borrow funds to renovate teaching and learning spaces; improve secure entrances, pedestrian safety, and traffic flow; and update infrastructure including HVAC, windows, roofs, electrical, plumbing, and energy efficiencies.

Since the referendum passed, Thompson said the district has been hard at work serving Dodgeland students and families remotely, while at the same time, beginning this important planning process.

“Staff work groups were formed and planning conversations were held in May and June. The work group meetings provide an opportunity for staff to share what is working well in their classrooms, what could be improved, and to do some ‘big picture’ thinking about the potential renovations to all learning spaces,” Thompson said.

The staff work groups are: IMC (library) and information technology; middle school collaboration; early learning, art, and resource; elementary and district offices; STEM and technical education; and high school special education.

During the past several weeks, Thompson said the district’s core team met with Bray Architects and Miron Construction to review the schematic design progress for classrooms and the surrounding educational spaces. The group participated in a pre-selection interiors presentation, which explained a variety of options for carpet, tile, and acoustical materials and how those products can best function in different areas of the building.

Site and survey work is moving forward on schedule. Through a request for the proposal process, the Dodgeland School District selected Professional Service Industries, Inc. to conduct geotechnical analysis and soil borings and Kapur and Associates of Milwaukee for land survey and topographic mapping. Soil boring equipment will soon be on the school site.

The infrastructure team is working with our engineers to refine the infrastructure work plan, including everything from the roof systems to underground drainage.

During the first week of August, Thompson said all staff work groups will meet to discuss design progress that has been made in each of their specific areas. The type of educational activities that occur in different areas will also have a big impact on the furniture that will be selected and installed to support students and staff.

“Work groups will discuss the advantages of different types of furniture and proposed room configurations developed from initial conversations and dialogue with the curriculum team,” she said.

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