JUNEAU — The Dodge County Public Health Unit announced Monday it will no longer be sharing daily updates on the county’s number of confirmed COVID-19 cases because there are more cases in the community than there are tests to confirm them.

The Public Health Unit also said that community spread of COVID-19 has happened in Dodge County. This means that there are people who have tested positive who have no exposures to a known case nor did they travel to a location where there is known community spread.

“There are likely more cases in the county than we are able to confirm with a lab test,” said Abby Sauer, Dodge County Public Health officer. “There is simply not enough testing capacity to test everyone.”

Sauer asks residents to move away from focusing on positive cases. Residents should assume there are undiagnosed cases in the community.

“Since we are experiencing community spread, we expect every county resident to do their part in complying with the ‘safer at home’ order,” Sauer said. “If you do leave home, assume that you may come into contact with COVID-19.”

Dodge County currently has eight cases of COVID-19. As of 4 p.m. Monday, Jefferson County had nine reported cases of COVID-19 and no deaths, according to Jefferson County Health Department Gail Scott.

The state of Wisconsin surpassed 1,200 COVID-19 cases as of Monday afternoon. The state is reporting 14 deaths. In the U.S., as of 4:30 p.m. Monday, there were 2,951.

For general questions, the public may call the Dodge County COVID-19 Hotline at 920- 386-4304. For the latest information, visit the CDC’s website: www.cdc.gov/coronavirus or the DHS website: www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/covid-19

For the latest information about COVID-19 in Dodge County, visit the Dodge County website or the ‘Dodge County Public Health’ Facebook page.

Anyone with questions related to COVID-19 can email the Jefferson County Health Department at COVID19@jeffersoncountywi.gov.

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cheryl lischka

Dodge County making a BIG mistake on not sharing number of positive CV-19 cases - the public has THE RIGHT TO KNOW this number. Not asking for addresses or names of people at all, but we DO NEED TO KNOW HOW PREVALENT IT IS IN THE COMMUNITY. Please change your position on this. By KNOWING how many are positive, it will lead to MORE PEOPLE STAYING AT HOME. By not knowing, and thinking the number is LOW, more people will be out and about. Common Sense!!!

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