Watertown Elks

Watertown Elks Lodge members are preparing for the 27th annual Christmas Dinner Program. Pictured with cans of gravy and sweet corn are, from left, Glenn Friedl, Barb Rosenow, Dan Rinka, Alvin Schloesser, Joel Rosenow, Dan McKee and Dick Mueller.

No one should have to be alone on Christmas. This statement is the foundation of the Watertown Elks Lodge’s Free Christmas Dinner Program, according to Elks member Alvin Schloesser, who has been heading up volunteer activities for the meal since it began 27 years ago. “I spent one Christmas alone, while I was in the service,” Schloesser explains, “I was away from home and I was alone. No one should have to experience that. Christmas is a pretty lonely day if you have no one to spend it with.”

The Elks Lodge Christmas Dinner program, which is aimed at reaching the elderly, needy and lonely, impacts Watertown and its adjacent communities with nearly 400 complete Christmas meals each year.

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