WHITEWATER — Elizabeth Katzman, who raised $10,000 last spring through her grassroots Support Wisconsin Dairy yard sign campaign, donated 250 frozen pizzas from Emil’s Pizza in Watertown to The Community Space and the Whitewater Community Food Pantry.

Since its inception in 1961, Emil’s Pizza has evolved from a “Main Street” pizzeria into a thriving operation that produces 5,000 to 6,000 frozen pizzas a day.

Last year, Emil’s used more than 550,000 pounds of Wisconsin cheese on top of the 20 varieties of pizzas it offers.

Katzman, a senior at Whitewater High School, has been using proceeds from the sale of the yard signs to make monthly dairy product donations to The Community Space and the Whitewater Community Food Pantry since last July.

To date, she has donated 250 quarts of ice cream, 250 bags of cheese curds, 200 baked potato bags (each included potatoes, sour cream, butter and shredded cheddar), 200 half gallons of chocolate milk, 216 pounds of cold pack cheese spread, 864 Sargento Balanced Breaks, and $1,200 worth of gift cards to Whitewater’s seven pizza restaurants.

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