Dodge and Jefferson County

Following is the elderly nutrition menu for both Dodge and Jefferson counties for the week of June 14.

To make a reservation for meals, in Dodge County call 386-3580 or 1-800-924-6407, or in Jefferson County call 920-674-8134 one day in advance.

The menu is subject to change.

Feils’ Catering provides the elderly meals for both counties.

Monday, June 14 — chicken, broccoli and rice casserole, Brussels sprouts, sugar cookie, pineapple tidbits and sliced bread.

Tuesday, June 15 — Roast beef, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots, spice cake, applesauce and dinner roll.

Wednesday, June 16 — Smoked sausage, calico bean casserole, California blend vegetables, chocolate sundae cup, peach slices and sliced bread.

Thursday, June 17 — Beef stroganoff, corn, tapioca pudding, cantaloupe slice, and dinner roll.

Friday, June 18 — Baked chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, spinach salad with vinaigrette, molasses cookie, apple slices, bread.

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