Watertown's Saturday Club celebrates the beginning of its 140th year

Sitting includes: Betty Zimerman, Mary Wanke, Rose Haznaw, Karin Hoeft, Susie Bratz, and Jan Detrie. Standing includes: Dorothy Field, Carol Grunewald, Mary Lou Behlke, Barb Kitzinger, Molly Christensen, Kathy Wagner, and Marilynne Maciejcjczak. 

The Saturday club recently met at Lindberg's by the River with a tea to celebrate the beginning of its 140th year. Joey Lindberg provided tea, sandwiches, scones and desserts. Ina Trummel served tea from her collection of teacups and tea service.

Kathy Wagner from the Education Foundation of Watertown was present to accept a $1500 donation from the Saturday club, this donation was made in memory of Marie Hilgendorf.

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