National 4-H Council collaborating with Microsoft

JUNEAU — The National 4-H Council continues its collaboration with Microsoft and the 4-H Tech Changemakers Program.

This partnership will elevate teens as teachers and empower 4-H Tech Changemakers to use their digital skills to train 13,000 adult community members in technology that will support their employability in 60 communities, across the United States, said Marie Witzel, positive youth development educator at Dodge County University of Wisconsin-Extension.

The teens’ trusted voice in the community will allow them to advocate with local stakeholders for additional broadband resources she said. This combined approach of technical training and local advocacy will help close the broadband gap while providing greater economic opportunity for the community and its citizens.

Through the 4-H Tech Changemakers program, land-grant university leaders and community educators will educate teen leaders to reach community members with digital skills to aid in upskilling or reskilling for employability.

“I am pleased to announce WI 4-H and the Dodge County program are part of the National Tech Changemakers 3.0 program,” Witzel said. “At this time, we are looking for a volunteer leader and some youth who want to be a part of the program. We are looking for youth who are:

• Strong leaders – someone who is looking for a new challenge.

• Good public speakers or someone who wants to further develop this skill.

• Social media lovers – youth who are active on social media.

• Service focused and passionate about making their communities better.

• Eagerness to learn – youth who are excited about learning from their peers and community and sharing their strengths with others.

For adults, individuals are needed who are:

• Passionate about youth development;

• Knowledgeable or just excited about technology;

• Active in their communities and local organizations;

• And aware of the importance of local workforce development.

After the team is in place, the staff will be looking for sites to help adults learn more about how to begin using the internet to help them become more employable.

If one is interested in being a part of this program either as a trainer or a location to host a training, they can contact Witzel at

For more information on youth programs, contact the UW-Madison, Division of Extension-Dodge County.

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