The 106th edition of Watertown High School's yearbook, the Orbit, has arrived and is being distributed to students and others who purchased a copy when they went on sale last year.

This issue, like those in most recent years, is a dandy! Every single page is in full color and it depicts the student body of well over 1,100 students in various school activities as well as in their times with friends.

We were impressed with the book again this year. The students play a huge role in the Orbit, from taking the photos to selecting which ones should be published, writing captions, writing narratives, etc. It's a huge undertaking and as we paged through it, we're impressed with the final result.

Seems to us there is a budding group of future journalists working on this publication.

Bill Loss, principal of Watertown High School, had some good comments in his "Welcome" to the Orbit page. He said in part, "the staff of the Orbit have done an excellent job of capturing the life of a Gosling!"

He added another interesting comment, "Look carefully through this book and try to locate an image that represents unhappiness! You won't find it."

Bill also urged students to look back at the Orbit occasionally over the years and they are likely to find more and more memories.

We don't look at our Orbits all that often but occasionally they do come out from the lower level library to look back at those "complex" years that turned out to be literally some of the best years of our lives!

As time goes on classmates are a bigger part of life, and with social media we are able to connect easily with others in the class. Add those connections to the Orbit and it's a special deal to be sure.

Our Orbits go back to the 1960s when there was no color, not a speck of it, in the Orbit. To look at how it has been transformed into today's world is simply amazing!

Here at the Times we have a near complete collection of Orbits and we add one each year. We're thinking that maybe four or five of them are missing and they no doubt are in someone's home because they "borrowed" it and then after the reason for the borrowing was over, forgot to get it back where it belongs.

So, it goes.

We congratulate the staff of the Orbit this year for making another impressive yearbook, one that will be cherished for many years to come.


As you read this Riverfest is in full swing and we've completed one of the four nights of the festival.

We wanted to mention a few things here in our column for people who might be attending the festival to keep in mind.

First of all, if you can get away, don't miss tonight's fireworks show which will begin at about 10:15. The Wolverine folks do an incredible job for the festival and we know this one will be memorable as well.

The show will begin after the Separate Ways/The Journey Experience concert and it's about 15 minutes or so after the normal starting time, but Separate Ways asked for a little longer set, and given their incredible following in past Riverfest appearances, we felt that was something we wanted to do.

You don't want to miss this concert and/or the fireworks show. Both will be memorable.

Also, when you get to the festival, stop by the raffle ticket booth and purchase a few tickets as a way to show your support for this entirely free festival.

Typically if you go to other concerts in the area, you have to pay to park your car and then pay to enter the grounds. Often parking is $10 and higher and the grounds admission is $10 or $15.

None of those costs are a factor at Watertown Riverfest and that's why we hope those who attend will see fit to purchase $10 worth of Riverfest tickets or more to show their support.

And, if you get lucky and win $5,000, or one of 15 prizes at $500, one of 20 at $100 or one of 10 at $50, consider it a bonus! Don't buy raffle tickets because you are "convinced" that you will be a big winner. Some are, but not all that many.

Look at it as a donation to continue to bring this great festival to the community.

Enjoy this great weekend and we'll see you at Riverfest!


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