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Tom Schultz

Thanksgiving, ChristmasYesterday our country celebrated Thanksgiving, a special day set aside to give thanks for the bounteous blessings all of us in America have enjoyed in the past year and since its inception well over 200 years ago.

Sometimes it’s difficult to see through some of the madness that is going on around us all, but indeed there is a lot of goodness out there and we do have much to be thankful for.

Yes, there have been some terrible things going on (just look at the Waukesha devastation as part of that community’s decades long Christmas celebration that occurred just days ago, or the upheaval in our country and the world caused by the COVID-19 crisis), but still there is much to be thankful for.

Many people celebrated yesterday with a Thanksgiving feast where no one should have gone hungry. The Moose Lodge once again provided free meals for those who may have been alone or with limited resources, and many others helped to make Thanksgiving a special day for unlimited ways to give thanks and to show kindness to others.

Many people are traveling this weekend and the numbers traveling by public transportation are some of the highest ever. That doesn’t even include those in private vehicles that will fill the highways. And, remember, most of them are traveling to see loved ones.

It’s especially important this year, given that a year ago most of these family gatherings were put on hold because of the virus fears.

This special weekend continues Saturday evening with the annual Christmas Parade of Lights, which is sponsored by the Watertown business community and many others who want to share the beauty of the season.

The parade will kick off at 5;30 p.m. Saturday from Main and Water streets and travel through downtown Watertown.

It’s always a wonderful way to kickoff the Christmas season, and it’s usually after many people hit the stores hard on Friday and Saturday, looking for all those Christmas bargains!

The parade is exciting for young and old alike, and the organizing committee deserves a tip of the hat for their dedication to make this event happen year after year.

While you’re at the parade, take a close look at the new Christmas decorations. They really add to the Christmas spirit. They were all purchased through the generosity of local groups, businesses and individuals and this is the first year they are being displayed. They were purchased just months ago.

So, come on down to the Christmas Parade of Lights on Saturday, enjoy the festivities and all the beauty in this invigorating and historic downtown Watertown.

Watertown’s downtown has really come alive in the last couple of years and the Town Square Development in recent days received a huge boost from the family of the late A. E. (Mike) Bentzin which has committed a gift of $1 million to guarantee that construction of this development at the corner of Main and North Water streets will get under way in the spring.

The Bentzin family has never lost its great love for the community they called home and this huge gift puts the fundraising goal well within reach.

Downtown Watertown is alive like never before and the parade will be better than ever.

See you there Saturday.


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