Against We Energies tanks in Ixonia

Dear Editor:

Others in Ixonia have already written about their objections to the proposed liquified natural gas storage tanks because of safety concerns, environmental impact, traffic and property values. WEC Energy Corp. proposes to spend $370 million plus interest, totaling $460 million to build liquified natural gas (LNG) storage tanks in Ixonia and Bluff Creek just in case it gets too cold 10 days a year.

I really object because in a time when it’s critical that we move to clean energy, I don’t think we should spend our money on fossil fuel, even if gas is “better” than coal.

Natural gas is primarily methane and there is methane leakage from production and transport and use per the NRDC. Methane traps 30 times more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.

A Sierra Club analysis showed that a program to incentivize large businesses to reduce usage on the rare extra cold days, and to make homes more efficient, would avoid the need for this expensive new facility that once built, would be hard to shut down.

Wind and solar power are now often cheaper than gas. The price of electricity in Wisconsin is already higher than average per the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Let’s not spend foolishly and possibly raise rates. Let’s not further pollute and warm the earth.

Kathy Strube


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