Dark store strategy

Dear Editor:

Well it seems that Walmart (who already has more money than God) has been successful in extorting in excess of $59,000 from Watertown city coffers.

Walmart used the dark store strategy and threatened to take the city to court and sue for more than $59,000 plus that they would be willing to take as an out of court settlement.

The argument being that over the past three years Walmart felt that they should have been taxed as though the building was an empty dark store, as opposed to what in fact it really is a lights on busy successful operation generating large amounts of cash and profits on a daily basis.

The reason the city gives for caving into Walmarts demand for a tax break is fear that Walmart would sue for more and the possibility that the city would lose.

In my opinion, anyone can see what the facts are and what is fair and just.

I feel we should have if need be, put our faith in the judicial system and a jury of average people.

Walmart is not a struggling entity that needs to be propped up by the taxpayers.

Philip Braatz


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