Dear Comrade Vladimir

Since Santa left my last year wish list unrequited I was delighted to hear of your generous loan cosigning initiative. Since our great countries grow more similar each day this transglobal assistance is more than timely.

I only required 180 million for a luxury yacht purchase and I can personally put up almost 9,000 as a sign of my good faith. The proposed craft will have some innovative features even a jaded despotic tyrant can admire, i.e., three story champagne slide waterfall combo, limousine garage and telescopic sand volleyball court. This venture shows excellent economic potential as a floating platform for GOP multi generational nude cookout and riparian frolicking.

We're holding off ship christening until we locate our "Soviet savior" with the acumen to jump aboard.

My domestic appeals to raise capital have been cruelly rebuffed but this ill treatment has merely steeled my resolve to achieve fruition.

If your light turns green please run the dough through the usual Cyprus bank and I'll pick up in the Seychelles. We're in this together V.P.

Mike Theim


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