Editor, Daily Times:

Thank you ... to the couple who showed a wonderful act of kindness, while my husband was in the Watertown Aldi Food Store on Tuesday. Thank you ... for the very generous gift. Don’t know who you are , but wanted to say, thank you , for your unsolicited act of kindness. 

My husband was wearing his Marine Corps hat (and proud to have served ... once a Marine always a Marine), and he said this woman of the couple, tapped him on his shoulder while at the milk section and said, “Thank you for your service,” and handed him a sealed envelope. When he got home he opened the envelope and saw the gift card for a local venue. Without knowing who this couple was, I at least wanted to say to you in public, thank you. It is truly nice to know there are people out there that still believe in thanking individuals who have served our country for the freedom of all, for their service. God bless you, and I will also continue to “pay it forward” in the future.

Mrs. Ralph W. Nehls

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