Editor, Daily Times:

A very special "thank you" to all our family and friends for making our 75th wedding anniversary such a wonderful day.

All the cards, calls, prayers and anniversary wishes were greatly appreciated.

God bless you all.

Raymond and

Irene Uttech


Editor, Daily Times:

The riverwalk behind the Watertown Senior and Community Center was the site this summer of six wonderful free community concerts held as part of the Rhythm on the Rock music series.

Sponsored by the Watertown Main Street Program and Bank First (formerly Partnership Bank), Rhythm on the Rock was organized by Dr. Thom McGorey of Watertown who did an excellent job in booking great acts and publicizing the event.

Our performers included Horse (Bill Bossingham), Mare Edstrom and Kenn Fox, Paradocs (McGorey and Wade Woelfle), Marcus Klein, David Mazzie, and Silken Amelia with accompanist Penny Buska.

Thank you to the Watertown Senior and Community Center for use of their grounds and the Terrace Room in the event of inclement weather, and to Amado's Restaurant for the generous donation of four door prize lunch and dinner gift certificates.

Thank you also to Janice McGorey for her assistance at each concert event and to Watertown TV for filming and helping to advertise the music series.

We also wish to thank the many members of our community who attended the concert series and we look forward to bringing the event back next year.

Melissa Lampe

Executive director

Watertown Main Street Program

Editor, Daily Times:

I have lived in Watertown for 36 years and consider it my home. Wonderful people, great schools, caring churches and many more great things too many to mention.

As a homeowner and former business owner, I have always taken pride in making sure I kept my properties maintained and clean. Whether it was my home, an apartment or a retail store, I always made sure that none of my properties were eyesores to my neighbors or tenants. If it needed to be painted, I painted. If the weeds needed to be trimmed, I trimmed. If I couldn't handle the repair, I would call one of the many talented tradesmen we have in Watertown and it was fixed.

I'm not alone, there are so many good home and apartment owners that still take pride in the care of their buildings. Here comes the "but" -- there are so many home and apartment owners that seem not to care how their properties look anymore. I'm sure many of you have noticed the same thing I'm talking about or maybe even live next to an apartment with an absentee landlord and nothing is being taken care of. The lawn isn't cut, the windows are broken, junk all over the yard and nothing is being done about it. The tenants move in and out and nothing changes.

Meanwhile your property value slips every day. Not just the property value but your family's quality of life is suffering. Dogs on chains, garbage in piles, cars that don't work, junk and more junk everywhere but nothing ever happens, and it gets worse, until you decide to move, maybe out of town, maybe to a newer section of town.

Something needs to be done. Many people are trying to make Watertown a better place, a place that you are proud to call home. The new library, businesses redoing their storefronts but none of that matters if we allow absentee landlords to collect rent checks and not maintain their properties. I urge you to start turning this city around and to make every neighborhood safe and inviting.

There are ways we can make an impact and soon things will start to change, one home at a time. Let's all be good neighbors, ask if your next-door neighbor needs help cutting the grass or if you're going to the waste yard ask if they need help with their yard waste, they may not have a trailer, but you do.

We all can make Watertown a better place to live. But if you have an absentee landlord that refuses to make changes and you are sick of them ruining your neighborhood, then the city needs to get involved. Make your voice heard.

This goes for tenants as well. If your landlord isn't keeping your home safe and not making repairs as needed or promised, then you have rights as well. No one should be forced to live in or next to a property that is not being cared for. That's why we pay taxes, (and we do pay our share in Watertown), let's get every neighborhood safe and clean.

Dennis Vanden Heuvel


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