Board approves new clinic manager

The WUSD Health and Wellness Clinic will be under new management in 2020.

The Watertown School Board Wednesday made it official, approving Watertown Physicians Practice LLC as the new manager for the clinic, 7-0. School Board President Tony Arnett and member Doug Will were not in attendance.

Although the contract has not been officially signed by the practice, the resolution allows for the company to take over management duties when the contract is set to begin on Dec. 2. This resolution was approved at the special meeting because the board felt waiting until the Nov. 25 meeting would be too quick of a turnaround.

The contract with the previous management group, Healthstat, ends on Nov. 30, but the group was asked to stay on until Jan. 3 for a more seamless transition. Both management groups agreed to this procedure.

During its meetings with Watertown Physicians, the board emphasized the importance of its marketing plan with the organization, not to just bring awareness to the service, but to try and attract people to use the clinic.

Watertown Physicians will meet weekly to communicate with the WUSD’s boards and committees so the two entities remain on the same page. These meetings will take place at 3 p.m. every Tuesday once the contract begins.

In other news:

The WUSD Planning Committee heard a presentation from Studer Education about creating a strategic plan for the district with the district’s most recent plan ending this year. Studer has worked for the last year and a half with the WUSD to support leadership coaching and continuous improvement efforts. After the presentation, members of the committee voiced their concerns of having Studer’s two proposals as its only options. The decision was made to open a request for proposal as soon as possible for other groups to bid with the bids due the first week of December. This is so a decision could be made on a group by the Dec. 16 board meeting with the projected start for the strategic plan process in January.

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