IXONIA -- Three people are vying for two supervisor seats on the Ixonia Town Board. They are Jeff Taylor, Janet McConaughey and Peter Mark.

Taylor, of N8915 Branch Road, Ixonia, has been a resident of the area for the past 24 years. He has been a town supervisor for six years. He is employed as a certified financial planner at Ixonia Bank and has worked in that capacity for 13 years. He is married to wife, Karen, and has a bachelor of science degree from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

His statement of candidacy reads:

"Having served as a town board supervisor for the last six years, I have learned about fire trucks, EMS services, road resurfacing, wastewater treatment plants, lift stations, zoning issues, conditional use permits and countless other civil matters. I continue to find being on the town board to be both educational and interesting. I am grateful to serve on the board with veteran members and an impressive support staff. The town board is challenged with addressing a variety of issues in a cost-effective manner: a new wastewater treatment plant, a small but dedicated fire and EMS department making more calls each year with an all-volunteer staff, and, as always, trying to maintain our aging roads. Working on and approving a budget is a challenge each year. There are many worthwhile community projects on which to spend money. The town board thinks carefully about spending tax dollars and, in my opinion, spends tax dollars wisely and prudently. I promise to continue to listen to residents' concerns, to make my decisions based on facts, and to vote for what is best for the town of Ixonia and its residents."

McConaughey, of N8144 Lasalle Circle, Oconomowoc, lives one block into the town of Ixonia. She was a resident of Oconomowoc for high school from 1965-69 and returned in 2000. She is divorced, with her education through high school in Oconomowoc. She then attended the University of Kentucky, graduating in 1973 with a bachelor of science in medical technology. She has a certificate from Lakeside School of Massage Therapy in 2000. She has no previous political experience and retired from Watertown Regional Medical Center in 2015.

Her civic organizations include helping found Greener Oconomowoc and the Lake Area Free Clinic. She is a past volunteer at Old World Wisconsin, is on the board of Sustain Jefferson and is part of the Mud Chasers Team for the Oconomowoc watershed. She is also a master composter through Wisconsin Extension, a member of Dodge Jefferson County Beekeepers and a Shorehaven and Ixonia Elementary School volunteer.

Her statement of candidacy reads:

"I decided to run for office for my grandson Jordan. It worries me to think what the world might look like when he is grown. Ixonia is a special place, a great mixture of surburbia and farms. Since I am now retired, I have the time to become involved in our community in a way that I couldn't before.

"We rely on water wells in Ixonia. I would like to do whatever is necessary to keep those wells clean. I think my grandson deserves to have clean air to breathe. I don't think anyone would dispute those goals. We also need to do our part to get the Rock River off the Bad Rivers List.

"I hope we can plan for, and keep, our rural environment and our family farms. I would like to look into how the local government can assist those farmers, including looking into alternative crops.

"We are ideally situated near to the interstate between Madison and Milwaukee. This should open many doors as far as industry is concerned. I would like to see us attract small businesses to provide jobs so not everyone has to commute. I would like to ask existing businesses what local government can do to help them thrive.

"Lastly, I would like to make sure Ixonia has appropriate plans in effect to handle natural disasters. Tornadoes and floods are becoming more common and we need to be prepared to handle the aftermath."

Mark lives at W1786 Rockvale road, Ixonia. He has been a resident of the area since 1969. He is seeking re-election to the board. He is married to wife, Pamela, and his previous political experience includes: being town of Ixonia supervisor for 12 years and being on the town of Ixonia Park and Recreation Committee for six years. He is currently employed at Henkels & McCoy. His work with civic organizations includes 4-H, Compass Finances, American Society of Safety Professionals, Waukesha Safety Council, White Stone Community Church and Living Hope International.

His statement of candidacy reads:

"Why I am seeking the position of town board supervisor: Being a longtime resident of Ixonia, I am keenly aware of community relations, activities and heritage. Going forward I will continue to maintain a positive governance dedicated to hearing the wishes of the constituency and ensuring their wishes form the decisions of the town board. As always I will pursue efficient governance with minimal taxation while offering quality service to Ixonia's community. Also, it is imperative the town board continue to balance community growth with our farming heritage.

"Qualifications include: serving on the town board for 12 years, participating in the park and rec committee, 4-H leader, serving on the board for Compass Finances and being an officer in American Society of Safety Professionals. I also have extensive work experience in human relations, legal contracts and negotiations.

"Important issues: An important challenge for the town board is getting adequate funding to maintain the roads and bridges in our community while minimizing taxation. The town board is also challenged with balancing community development with farming, working with business to develop family supporting jobs and calibrating with our school systems to provide good educational opportunities for the future."

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