Watertown drug raid leads to charges

Watertown drug raid leads to charges

Three area residents were arrested after Watertown police and the Jefferson County Drug Task Force executed a warrant and found cocaine, crack cocaine and pills at a residence on Lawnview Lane.

Wanita Kirch, 53, of Watertown, faces up to a $10,000 fine and three years and six months in prison for maintaining a drug trafficking place. Janet Decono, 49, of Lake Mills, faces up to 15 years in prison and a $50,000 fine for possession with intent to deliver cocaine. She could also face up to 12 years in prison for two counts of felony bail jumping. Joseph Lehmann, 34, of Watertown, faces up to six years in prison and $10,000 in fines for felony bail jumping.

"It all came together very well," said Watertown police Capt. Randy Johnson. "It was a matter of timing. Even with all the planning in the world we still needed a little luck, but it came together nicely for us."

According to a criminal complaint, the Watertown Police Department Entry Team and the Jefferson County Drug Task Force executed a search warrant early Thursday evening at 1507 Lawnview Lane and arrested six adults and charged three of them, including Lehmann. He was charged with felony bail jumping and possession of a controlled substance after authorities found him with 13 1-milligram tablets of clonazepam and 6 1/2-milligram tablets of the same drug inside a small cylinder case with a screw-on top. Clonazepam is a commonly prescribed drug used to treat panic and anxiety disorders.

During the search, the Jefferson County Drug Task Force found two purses, of which Decono took ownership. In one of them was found a glass smoking pipe consistent with the use of crack cocaine. Authorities said it did have burnt residue on it.

Authorities also found two bags that held a white, chunky substance and another bag with a powdery substance in it. One of the bags held 5.6 grams and the other held 3 grams, and both tested positive for crack cocaine. Drug task force officers found the drugs near a receipt that had Decono's name on it. The total weight of the two bags of crack cocaine was roughly 8.7 grams and had a street value of $1,448.

Officers also found a small bag with 0.5 grams of cocaine in it belonging to Decono. She was also found in possession of $2,365 and nearly 1 gram of cocaine, the complaint stated.

Decono was charged with possession of holding more than 5 grams, but not more than 15 grams of cocaine and two felony counts of bail jumping.

When police questioned the owner of the residence, Kirch, she said it was her home. Police found two digital scales and other numerous items of drug paraphernalia in her bedroom.

When officers questioned Kirch, she told them she knew Lehmann and Decono were selling crack. She tried to persuade police that they weren't supposed to sell it out of the residence.

Kirch was charged with maintaining a drug trafficking place and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia.

A man who lived at the residence told police Kirch knew Decono and Lehmann were selling and Kirch had been buying a lot of crack from them. He also said Kirch had a lot of people coming to the home and knew that a search was coming at some point. He said everyone in the house was using something and Lehmann was using both crack cocaine and heroin.

The disposition of the case against the other three adults is still in question because the police are still investigating.

Decono and Lehmann are expected in Dodge County Circuit Court Thursday for their preliminary hearings. Kirch's preliminary hearing is scheduled Aug. 1 in Dodge County Circuit Court.

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