Riverfest raffle winners listed for 2019

Watertown Riverfest raffle winners have been announced. Theresa Miels was named the grand prize winner of $5,000.

The grand prize winner of $500 was Jane Rogers.

The first 15 winners who were awarded $500 prizes include: A.J. Llanas, John Eske, Debra Braatz, Andrea Roder, Mac McCarthy, Bernice Krueger, Jordan Roberts, Ricky DeCono, Terra Olsen, Wayne Wetzel, Becky Berger, Joe Meyers, Bobbi Zubke, Ken Wolfgram and Sue Hepp.

Prize winners who placed 16th-35th and received $100 include: Marcus Rosenow, Beckey Draeger, Craig Detert, Craig Prochaska, Rodney and Heidi Strauss, Tracie Stammer, Chris Beyer, Eunice Haugen, Paul Bast, Steven Kopiness, Amber Hobbs, Stacy Dittberner, Elissa Zastrow, Dave Madsen, Cam Field, Tony Stangler, Jon Holthaus, Ron Walsh, Alice Gaugert and Rory Oxford.

Remaining prize winners received $50 and include: Mrs. Lynn Fredrick, Ms. Sandra Krebs, Amy Polsin, Bridget Griep, Paul Balback, James A. Chingway, Joe Schmackle, Scott Lyon, Donald Krueger and Brian Reynolds.

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