JUNEAU -- Nick's Kids Show, which is performed by Nick Dattilo, will be providing three family-friendly shows daily at this year's Dodge County Fair. Shows will take place on the family stage near the midway at various times throughout the day. Individuals are asked to check the Dodge County Fairgrounds website for a full listing of scheduled times.

Nick's Kids Show replaces the Kandu Magic show, which provided approximately 20 years of family-friendly entertainment at the Dodge County Fair. Jef and Jill Eaton recently retired in 2018.

The new format, sponsored by Kwik Trip, will provide an entertaining show for the entire family. Though the performance is geared toward children ages 3 to 12 years, parents as well as younger and older siblings will enjoy participating. This free show promises to be entertaining for everyone who attends. Dattilo and his lineup travel the Midwest and the southern United States, including Florida. The show is also traveling to other local festivals throughout Wisconsin this summer.

The entertainment group initially got its start as an oldies genre band. Dattilo later started his traveling, family-friendly routine 15 years ago, when he saw the need for children's musical entertainment at local fairs and venues. His shows have transformed over time and now include a diverse setting of participation and entertainment through music, games, play, fun and learning opportunities. Children are invited to participate both from the crowd and on stage, as a member of Dattilo's rock 'n' roll band. Children and their parents will have the opportunity to play the drums, guitars and sing along to their favorite "kid-friendly" tunes -- like the "Rubber Duckie" song. Audience members will be invited to participate in "The Locomotion," freeze dance, hula hoop contests and many other popular dances to get the entire family out of their seats and moving.

The Dodge County Fair is scheduled to provide five full days of family-friendly entertainment and activities in Beaver Dam on Aug. 14-18. Nick's Kids Show will be showcased right next to the midway, where wristband days are scheduled for Wednesday through Friday and Family Day is offered on Saturday from noon until 5 p.m. (20 tickets for $10 or $1.25 each).

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