By Pat Brandt

for the Daily Times

TOWN OF CONCORD -- The Concord Town Board again tabled a request for opening up town roads to ATV/UTV operation at the June meeting.

In-depth discussion, along with viewing ordinances from various towns and clubs, brought many questions from town residents. Time of operation, speed, age to operate an ATV, liability insurance, were some of the questions asked. The ordinance will be reviewed and put back on the table at the July meeting.

Tom Anfang's request of a preliminary certified survey map to create two 2-acre A-3 lots from a 35 acre A-1 parent parcel northeast of Evergreen and County Highway P was approved.

The treasurer's report, along with payment of monthly bills, were approved.

The board accepted the new revisions to the mobile home ordinance, as drafted by the plan committee. Prior, the plan committee met with the town's attorney for any changes or additions to the revised ordinance.

The board will continue to seek bids for upgrading and painting of the exterior entry door and entry windows, along with major repair of all the former classroom windows.

Brad Bowen, head EMS and fire chief of Western Lakes, addressed the board with his monthly report and call volume.

License applications were approved for Concord Station, Concord Inn and Concord House.

Operator's license applications were approved for Hope Kinderman, Alice Christian, Laurie Schroeder, Rebecca Frommgen, Tamra Hoerth and Jan Gilbert for the Concord Inn. Concord Station's applicants were Heather Janquart, Karley Reed, Samuel Stache, Joanne Stiemke, Abigail Thrams, Noelle Klatt, Ryan Eckardt, Rebecca Keast, Larissa Miles and Sarah Kindler.

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