No borrowing needed to reconstruct South Main Street

JUNEAU — The City of Juneau will reconstruct a stretch of South Main Street this summer without needing to borrow any money for the work.

The $650,000 street project will be paid in part with $250,000 in leftover Community Development Block Grant money from a dormant revolving-loan fund.

Mike Laue, a senior project engineer for MSA Professional Services in Beaver Dam, said Tuesday at the Juneau Common Council meeting that the project is South Main Street running from Cross Street to Kindt Street, which is a basically a reconstruction of the rural-type road into an urban-style road with curb and gutter, concrete driveway aprons, concrete sidewalks, asphalt street pavement and storm sewer.

Laue said the balance will be covered with the money remaining from recently-closed Tax Incremental Financing Districts No. 2 and 3.

"I think it's very fortunate that the numbers all fell into play and covers the complete cost of the project, especially at a time when we are in definite need to do something in that area," said Dan Wegener, Juneau mayor.

To be eligible for the grant funding, the City of Juneau had to have several laws on its books that complement federal Housing and Urban Development guidelines. Among the resolutions Juneau Common Council members adopted was a measure that prohibits use of excessive force and the barring of entrances and exits for non-violent, civil rights demonstrations and Wisconsin Residential anti-displacement and relocation assistance plan for CDBG programs.

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