Emergency government grants: $107,000

Emergency government grants: $107,000

JEFFERSON -- The Jefferson County Board of Supervisors met in a relatively brief regular session for July Tuesday evening and heard several annual departmental reports, including those from Stacee Jensen of child support, along with Jefferson County Sheriff Paul Milbrath.

Jefferson County Emergency Management Director Donna Haugom reported that grant awards for 2018 totaled $107,679 and included grants for hazmat, the Community Right to Know Award, and Emergency Management Planning Grants.

Haugom said her department works with multiple partners to accomplish its goals. These include municipalities, schools, businesses, families, first responders, civic organizations, nonprofit organizations, voluntary organizations that are active in disasters, county departments, faith-based organizations, other county emergency management agencies, along with state and federal partners.

Haugom thanked Jefferson County Administrator Ben Wehmeier for his continued support and also said she appreciated the work of the county board concerning emergency management. She said she was especially thankful to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department for its work, as well as the law enforcement and emergency management committee for "continued guidance." She said her program assistant Nycol Haberman was to be commended for her work and dedication.

"The job of Emergency Management is to improve the outcome of a disaster," Haugom said. "These outcomes can be measured in lives saved, fewer injuries, reduced damages, decreased disruptions and shorter recovery time, to name a few."

Haugom said emergency management "is the creation of plans through which communities reduce vulnerability to hazards and cope with disasters."

"Emergency management does not avert or eliminate the threats. Instead, it focuses on creating plans to decrease the effect of disasters and helps with better recovery time frames," she said.

In his report, Milbrath said his department is seeking applicants for eight open deputy positions within his department.

Also Tuesday, Jefferson County Fairest of the Fair Libby Knoebel reported on her activities at the current Jefferson County Fair, which runs through Sunday.

Knoebel said she enjoys her position with the fair and is looking forward to her coming college graduation. She also acknowledged that the fair will be seeking its new fairest of the fair contestants during a February 2020 banquet.

Temporary appointments were made by Jefferson County board Chairman Jim Schroeder and these included Russell Kutz, Augie Tietz and Steve Nass to the law enforcement and emergency management committee.

The law enforcement and emergency management committee brought forth a successful ordinance calling for amending of the Jefferson County Boating Ordinance to include additional no-wake areas on the Rock River.

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