Parent/teacher conferences at Riverside Middle School are scheduled from 4 to 7 p.m. Monday and Oct. 22.

It is an opportunity to partner with student teachers to support their academic success. The format of these conferences will be different than in the past.

On Monday, most staff will be in the gym and cafeteria in an “arena” format. This condenses the school to two large areas and allows for parents to quickly access staff.

On Oct. 22, staff will be in their classrooms. This allows for parents/guardians to see the environment their student learns in every day. The entire building will be used.

Individual conferences, regardless of format, will take about 10-15 minutes. Parents who need more time, can reach out to the teacher(s) and schedule a time, even if it is not on a parent/teacher conference day.

In addition to parent/teacher conferences Monday and Oct. 22, there will be an information session for the current seventh grade families for an opportunity that will be offered starting next year.

Research shows that students who complete the program AVID are two times more likely to successfully complete college or university entrance requirements.

The program will be implemented starting in eighth grade next year. The goal is to better support students in making choices about their future when they leave the district.

Interested seventh grade families can attend a brief informational session about the AVID elective that will be offered next to year to address the college and career readiness needs of the students. This elective class will be open to about 24 students through an application process.

For more information, contact Assistant Principal Donna Neeman at 920-262-1480, extension 5423.

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