Results from an American Red Cross Blood Bank held at St. Mark's Lutheran School on Mondays have been announced.

According to Mary Petrie, coordinator of the event, a total of 79 pints were collected.

Ten pints of Power Reds were collected with 14 deferrals.

Gallon/multiple gallon donors were:

Three gallons -- Evelyn Hajdu

Five gallons -- Peter Likert

Nine gallons -- Lynn Wilson

18 gallons -- Donnell Geib, Carol Schloesser

Power Red donors were Guy Duffy, Jami Frank, Donna Harshbarger, Steve Holverson, Mitchell Klavekoske, Todd Narkis, Timothy Nelson, Andy Penza, Robie Wolter, and Timothy Schultz.

Other donors were Geralynn Andrews, Todd Bartz, Christine Behl, Roger Braasch, Lawrence Carlson, Donna Christian, Elizabeth Christian, Susan David, Joanne Duckworth, Angel Eagen, Denise Free, Vickie Genz, Thomas Good, Edwin Hahn, Gerald Hahn, David Hatton, Danica Herritz, Gloria Higgins, James Hoeffler, Jim Hogan, Arlene Holz, Catherine Ihde, Brian Jaworski, Korey Johnson, James Kaap, Patricia Kuerschner, James Lichtenberg, John McConville, Jean Madsen, Bethany Nahan, Thomas Madsen, Larry Martinez, Laura Martinez, Logan Martinez, Jacob Mertins, Renee Messerschmidt, Jeff Morarend, Paul Neis, Debra Odekirk, Neil Oestreich, Richard O'Keefe, Jonathan Osthandel, Michelle Rhodes, Larry Ratz, Rhonda Rischke, Steve Roets, Cynthia Schlatter, Lloyd Schliewe, Richard Schoemann, Cynthia Schultz, Barbara Seamandel, Gloria Sydow, Alice Tesch, Jerome Teska, Irene Vogt, Matt Von Rueden, Anne Widmann, Dawn Wiedenfeld, Connie Wiedenfeld, Josephine Willborn, Traci Zietlow and Judith Zillmer.

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